New IEEE Standard – Active – Draft.IEEE Std P1920.1TM defines air-to-air communications for self-organized ad hoc aerial networks. It outlines the network service architecture, security framework, and data model. IEEE Std P1920.1 is agnostic to the type of network (Wireless or Cellular or other) and it is applicable to manned and unmanned, small and large, and civil and commercial aircraft systems.IEEE Std P1920.1 is the first in the series of IEEE P1920.X standards. It is anticipated that IEEE Std P1920.1 will be used as a foundation to define more specific standards in this series. For example, the development of IEEE Std P1920.2: Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications is currently taking place.This document contains seven clauses. The first three clauses provide an introduction and important information about IEEE Std P1920.1. The fourth clause presents an overview of aerial ad hoc networks. The fifth clause addresses network architecture, and the sixth clause addresses security architecture. The seventh clause outlines the data model with a set typical use cases.

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