The intent of CGA G-19.3 is to provide requirements for repurposing industrial gas equipment into natural gas service and not the reverse. Natural gas equipment, after its first use, is typically saturated with hydrocarbons. Such equipment, if improperly cleaned, poses a serious risk of oxygen related fire or explosion.

For that reason, this publication does not address repurposing natural gas equipment into other industrial gas service. Typically, industrial gas equipment is interchangeable between nitrogen, oxygen, or argon (per manufacturer’s instructions) and thus could pose a heightened risk of oxygen-related fire or explosion.

Equipment that has been used in any of the following industrial gases is covered by this publication:

  • oxygen;
  • helium;
  • hydrogen;
  • argon; and
  • nitrogen.

This publication covers the following types of equipment:

  • transport trailers;
  • ISO tank containers;
  • multi-element gas containers (MEGCs);
  • cryogenic fluid bulk tanks;
  • pressure vessels;
  • cylinders;
  • portable tanks;
  • vaporizers; and
  • pumps and process related equipment.

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