This part of BS 1722 specifies requirements for the construction and installation of rectangular wiremesh fences, line wire and dropper strained wire fences and hexagonal wire netting fences.

This British Standard aims to establish minimum requirements for materials and workmanship forthe more common types of fence in order to ensure satisfactory service for the client, and to assistmanufacturers and installers by eliminating unnecessary minor variations in the demands of clients.

Requirements are specified for sizes of components, together with the permissible tolerances. Theseare minimum requirements and it is normally acceptable to use larger sizes, except if this couldadversely affect the fitting of components or if replacement parts are required to match up with thosealready present.

Requirements are specified for protective treatments. However, general maintenance requirements ofthe fence after installation are outside the scope of this standard.

The typical dimensions for lengths of posts and struts and foundation sizes specified are for normalground conditions. This part of BS 1722 does not cover conditions of particularly firm or soft ground,where other lengths or foundation sizes might be required.

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